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Bayshore By-Laws, Article 2


"The purpose of the corporation is to lessen the burdens of government by attempting to alleviate community tensions, discrimination, deterioration, juvenile delinquency, and other community problems through education, counseling, social functions, and community projects."


We are a community organization that offers a voluntary membership. The current fee is $150 a year and the year begins April 1st and runs through the end of March. If a member joins anytime during that period the fee is prorated accordingly. With the membership comes access to all the amenities Bayshore has to offer. We have a lovely swim area with a beach and swim platform. The park also has a boat launch area with a courtesy dock. Our pavilion area can be reserved for special events by members and we also have 3 picnics a year which is open to all members. The annual business/picnic meeting is in April, 4th of July and Labor Day are also celebrated with a picnic. All common areas are maintained by a contractor that is paid with dues. During the year volunteers are invited to clean up the park, beach area or tennis courts. These areas are gated so that they remain available to association members only. Keys are given to homeowners and we strongly encourage them to lock the gates after entering and exiting those locked areas. This is so important to protect the property that we all value as Bayshore residents. We have a board of directors that consists of association members who volunteer to fill the positions.

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